The Writings Of Tao Writer – ThanksGiving

To give thanks in solitude is enough. Thanksgiving has wings and goes where it must go. Your prayer knows much more about it than you do.

Victor Marie Hugo (February 26, 1802 – May 22, 1885)

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)


No one is immune to poverty. War, weather, the economic or political arena can change the faces of millions of citizens in the blink of an eye. In our modern world thousands flee the battlegrounds and poverty of Syria, Yemen and Lebanon each day. Each day we read in the headlines of acts of terrorism clamming the lives of innocent civilians, but we hear nothing of the thousands of innocent civilians who each day die of starvation. Who carries their banner? We are in the midsts of a world wide food shortage as well as a major economic recession but for so many, these conditions have existed all of their lives. While our governments meet in Paris to discuss Global Warming, thousands die each day from starvation and the affects of poverty and nothing is done. No governments are meeting to discuss their plight.

For the forty-eight hours of the ThanksGiving holiday each year, I fast. It is an acknowledgment of the abundance in my life — my way of Thanks Giving. The money I save on food is donated to the local food bank. I have done this for a number of years now. It is, in a small way, a recognition of the hunger felt by so many every day, even in America. At the end of my forty-eight hour fast, I will prepare some food and eat once again, but what of those who have no food to prepare or to feed their families? What happens to them? There is no time period for when their hunger will end.

According to the United Nations, one person dies from hunger and hunger related causes every three and a half seconds. This is 25,000 people every day. The United Nations World Food Program estimates the complete elimination of hunger would costs less than two hundred billion dollars per year. The United States, alone, spent more than fifteen hundred billion dollars to bail out failed financial institutions at the end of the Bush administration, but has yet to present a timetable committing 1% of the national income we pledged to the UN to end world hunger.

In a world of such abundance, no person should die from starvation.

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