The Poetry Of Tao Writer – April 30, 1999

Tao Writer  (April 17, 1948 -)

April 30, 1999

I never thought I would write
a poem using a date as the title but…

My best friend died today.
Silently and alone, he vanished from this
and reappeared in a different realm.
You were needed to paint the flowers
which breathe life into this earth,
to color intent into the sky
so she would be more than just
a reflection for the sea.
You have been asked to connect
the fragile line between hope
and despair around this world
of impossible dreams.
For you, illusion becomes a shadow,
reality a deep red rose.
My tears, paint as snowflakes
drifting in a springtime breeze.
My sorrow, a vine covered wall.
Paint our souls as the smallest of seeds
with hearts no canvas could hold.
You had no choice, my friend,
You had to leave —
This world could no longer hold you.