The Poetry Of Tao Writer – What Love Is

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

What Love Is

I know you must have felt it.
Rising up gently with the
sunlit, morning breeze,
infiltrating your every pore.
Your heart skips, then ceases
to beat — you are suspended,
floating lost, in a grounded feeling
you have known all your life?
The pure syncopated synchronicity,
the instantaneous tranquility between
hands, face, nose, eyes and mouth.
Perfectly blending like rock and air.
A moment recorded,  not to be lived again.
And here you are, reading this
hastily written, thoroughly experienced,
testimonial to what you already know love is…
Instead of rushing out to wherever it is
you experience your true self, to find love—
there—awaiting your discovery, once more.