The Writings Of Tao Writer – Love Simplified

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

Love Simplified

I don’t believe love ever ends. Once having loved you cannot, not love. I still love everyone I ever loved. It is just the tense of the word that places love in the past. It is our language which complicates love more than our emotions. Love is an absolute without tense. It is not “here today and gone tomorrow,” and if this is your experience, love is not the culprit. When someone I love dies, I die also. In the same manner a part of the earth dies when a life or species is taken from existence. Romantic love, however, does end. It is impossible to sustain the dreamy fantasies of hormonal romantic love for long periods of time but that is not the kind of loving I’m talking about.

Love is the energy binding  life to life to life. Think of it as being somewhat akin to gravity except that love’s strength is not derived from mass or numbers as is the case with gravity. Gravity holds things together in the same manner our skin holds our insides in place. Now imagine love as the force connecting all of life. The force holding all of life together, its skin. It does not matter if that life a singled cell organism or the billions of organisms inhabiting the space and time of our universe.

We tend to see love as being out there, all about the other, and it is. Except that the other is not the beloved in the form of another person or object. That other is merely a manifestation of love’s energy, in the same way you are. The other I speak of is life’s spiral of which we are each a part. This model of the universe is one which is continually manifesting itself and continually expanding. Even using the analogy of skin is restrictive because it makes us see something enclosed as opposed to something without limits or boundaries held infinitely together by an invisible force. We limit our view of love when it is solely concentrated in the beloved unless we recognize that the beloved is all. Each is all and all is one. And the force, gravity, or energy holding all this together is love.

This is the basis of the teachings of Jesus and the Buddha but it’s not about religion and it’s not about a god in any form. It’s about love. All the wisdom and spiritual teachings of the ages point directly to this model of the universe but man’s ego, his need to dominate, and control life to it’s destruction prevents him from seeing life and love as one energy.

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