The Poetry Of Tao Writer – Mix With The Infinite

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

Mix With The Infinite

Earth does not run as a fugitive
from the sky. Air is absorbed
in the low moist valleys and
penetrated with jutting peaks.
On the sea’s horizon they meet
and glow with new love.
Sky’s torment, earth’s eruptions
can not separate them.
One never leaves the other
but always they blend
more closely together
in a swirling of passion.
Where duality is created
opposition is also born.
Reasoning becomes an excuse.
Separation and limitations
exist only in the mind of man
but are mourned in life’s soul.
Between order and chaos
they are one and the same.
Between night and day,
only the earth has moved.
Why then, is there this vast
emptiness separating you from me?