The Poetry Of Tao Writer – What Shall I Do Now?

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

What Shall I Do Now?

I walked through town alone this afternoon
without you holding on to my arm the way you once did.
I did not feel important, or special, nor loved.
I was simply alone. The way I, of late, have been.
I had grown use to this state of being solo after all,
that is until you came along and blessed my life with love again.
When I walked with you, I was alive and real.
I had meaning and purpose. I was someone grander than myself,
But now I am only me, again. There is no “us” together, any longer.
You packed your bags and took off for another land,
Leaving me with only memories of secret kisses and
Moments stolen from the time of our lives.
Hidden embraces in the corners of total darkness.
Body against body, embracing, tongues rhythmically dancing.
Now that you are gone, I miss your hand taking my arm.
I was proud then. You were my lady. I was your man.
Please tell me with compassion. What shall I do now?

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