The Writings Of Tao Writer – An Interview With Myself Part II

Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.

Anaïs Nin

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

An Interview With Myself Part II

Me: Okay, begin…

I: You were the ethereal one, a shadow passing through a large corridor, floating without form into what appeared to be an underground chamber? You moved to a large vacuum tube contraption and floated atop the platform. From the corridor on the other side a white shadow enters the room and joins you on the platform. A glass cylinder slides down and encloses the two shadows.

Me: This is the part I like. It gives me goose bumps just remembering the experience.

I: Remember also at this point you and the white shadow are without form. You are floating gasses. One dark and one white. The two of you float separately, independent of each other in this vacuum tube. The tube is then flooded with energy of light and love, and a transformation of the two gasses begins. The scene is reminiscent of the laboratory scene in Frankenstein but there is no sense of fear or drama.

Me: I know. It was like a dream. But where do you come in?

I: A bit later. Let me continue. When the tube that enclosed the two gases was lifted, you were in the form of us but there was no us yet. You were still a gas, except now you had a form too. The white shadow was in the form of a woman and was also still a gas. The two of you separated and begin to float down two different tunnels.

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Me: I know what I experienced during the transformation of the two gasses into human form, male and female, but you are body and we were not together yet. What did you experience in this dream?

I: I experienced the greatest feeling of love I had ever known. The energy, the interconnection of the two gasses, and the separation and reemergence into form. Every molecule of the two gasses was exploding with love. I experienced this same intensity each time we had the dream. I wait for it to happen. The transformation of energy into love.

Me: It is a relief to know we have the same dreams. I had the same experience with love during our creation dream. But, when do we unite?

I: That happens next but I don’t know exactly how. You are still ethereal but with form. You approach a wall with a spotlight reflecting off of it and in that spotlight is your shadow. This shadow, I believe is our body. The shadow in the form of your shadow, human male, me, begins to teach you how to move. It is a Simon Says experience as you imitate the movements of the shadow on the wall. You learn how to move your arms, legs, hands, feet and head.

Me: When and how do we become embodied?

I: I don’t know. In the next part of the dream, we are driving down River Road in Piscataway, New Jersey along the Raritan River. The New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University, where we went to college, is on the other bank? It is Autumn. The road is slick with rain and the colorful fallen leaves from the canopy of maple and oak trees. I steer the car into a driveway almost hidden by the overgrowth of greenery and we approach a rustic cabin. The smoke bellowing from the chimney gives me a warm feeling as I realize my clothes are damp from the rain. An elder couple greets us at the driveway’s end. They are both professors at the university. He in literature and she in philosophy. We go inside to the warmth of the fire place and some hot tea. We have all been savoring this moment of the unveiling.

He wants to show us an ancient tome he discovered while traveling. There is ancient script across the leather cover. The title’s translation is “Answers to Life’s Questions”. To be so old the book is well preserved. We open it to the first page but as soon as we do so the words on the page disappear. We turn the pages faster with the same result. Each time we attempt to focus on the words printed on the pages, they disappear. We close the book and try again with the same results each time the dream occurs.

Me: What do you believe is the significance of this dream?

To Be Continued…

Drawing Credit: Kahlil Gibran