The Writings Of Tao Writer – Thinking

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)


Thinking is reading my thoughts aloud to myself, and is one of four things I have done for myself most of my life along with reading, writing and dreaming. I love thinking first of all because it does not require any tools like writing, or props like reading and unlike dreaming, thinking can be done at any time. I do not have to be in any particular state of consciousness. I can be completely unnoticed while I am thinking. I can be looking out of a train window totally lost in thought and no one would know that I am thinking nor would anyone know what I am thinking about. Anyone seeing me would think I am just enjoying the scenery.

My thoughts are private until I choose to share them. Thinking does not have rules like writing. Thinking does not have to be organized like reading. Thinking does not have a particular order to follow. Thinking does not have an introduction, a story line or plot. There is nothing permanent with thinking. In that way it is like dreaming. I would go so far to say that dreaming is just thinking with pictures and occurs during a sleep state. One might day dream but that is just another form of thinking in an awaken state.

I believe I enjoy thinking so much because I am an introvert. I would rather be with my own thoughts than with most people. I enjoy the company of my own thoughts more than conversing with people because thoughts which are spoken are subject to interpretation or misinterpretation while my own thinking is not. I do not misinterpret my own thinking, nor can anyone else.

Like any good thing, thinking can have its down side. I have spent many a night thinking when I would rather be dreaming and sleeping. Fortunately, I learned to meditate years ago and can use it to stop my runaway thinking if needed, but that does not happen too often. There is so much in life to think about. I will never run out of material, but unfortunately I think, I will eventually run out of time.