The Writings Of Tao Writer – Integrity

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)


We join groups primarily for survival, strength in numbers, and because of similar language, and ideologies. Each time we join a group or organization we surrender some of our individual freedoms to that group whether it is a corporate structure, a political caucus, a religious organization, or a country. This is not necessarily a bad thing and I do not wish to paint it as such. We all have different needs but mostly we adapt to the rules and bylaws of the organization until they become our own. Organizations are designed to encourage conformity by their very nature. You either conform or you are removed. They strive to make you a corporate man/woman, to accept and adhere to the philosophy of the organization. That is how organizations survive, through the obedience of their employees or citizens. In exchange for your loyalty, you receive a paycheck, some benefits, two weeks vacation a year and the rights and benefits of being a citizen of a group or nation. You have a national identity which often over rules and over shadows your individual identity.

I know. I sold my soul to the structures of our enslavement because I too had bills to pay and a family to support. I bought into the whole American dream ideology because I knew no other life. We are programmed from early life to be successful, to bow to the almighty dollar. My mother aways told my brother and I that she wanted us to have a better life than she and dad. She worked her entire life even after retirement because she knew no other way to live. When I told her I was going to take early retirement, she discouraged me from doing so. “What will you do every day,” she asked. I thought she understood me, and she did more than most, but not completely. Very few do.

My entity, this body, mind, and soul, and my freedom are two of the things I value most in this life. It disappoints me to have to join any group outside of myself even the non-profit organization that carries these words to the world. “He who follows any man ceases to follow himself.” Whenever we join a group of more than one, as with marriage, we must to some degree compromise part of who we are for the survival of the relationship. We put the relationship before ourselves if it is to survive. I will not sacrifice any part of my freedom for anything, except for love. For love I would sacrifice everything and do it with a smile. Love fills a void as nothing else in this world is capable of doing, but that only last as long as the true love lasts. In my experience, my individual nature eventually feels trapped by relationships when the motivation is no longer love. I know how much my personal integrity means to my survival. I will not settle for less than I know is possible.