The Writings Of Tao Writer – A Brief Encounter

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

A Brief Encounter

The only available seats were the two next to her. I took the one against the wall leaving an empty stool between us. Her posture was erect. She must be a student of yoga, I thought a second before the bartender approached and I ordered my drink.

She was young, beautiful. and sexy with sculptured features and long dark hair. Although, she was “blond once,” she shared later. Her eyes were dark caverns into which it would be easy to get lost and in the course of two hours, I did, many times. She was innocence and experience but not in contrast. She carried her sophistication well and that will definitely improve with age. When she walked across the room, every male head turned to watch her shimmer across the floor. Each wished in silence to have her for his own.

Someone needed a chair so she slid into the empty seat between us. She placed herself closer to me. She pondered about starting her life, finding a job, moving out from her parent’s home, and having a boyfriend. We sat facing each other perpendicular to the bar. Searching the essence of ourselves within this minute amount of time. We touched, we laughed, and we celebrated the richness of human connection before it was time for her to head North and home.

After walking her to her car, she placed her arms around my neck and we held one another in an embrace. Those ancient longings, dreams, feelings, and memories of my youth swelled in my loins but I reminded myself I was more than twice her age. She placed a gentle kiss upon my lips and left.

The essence we all have as a physical part of our entity is what connects us and it is not aged based. Only our bodies age, not the essence of who we really are. That night, for a few moments, I was thirty again at least in my own mind.

I will probably never see you again but I will save a seat at the corner bar just in case you come back through town. Thank you, Ali. You are a dream, an ego boost, and a cure for the ailment of aging.

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