The Writings Of Tao Writer – Family

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)


“I am a horse for single harness.” I have always been and will probably be until my death a loner. I have loved and been loved to the greatest heights and depths of feeling humanly possible. My life has been enriched by extraordinary people and wonderful friends but I am still alone, by choice.

It is a state of being I prefer. I love being with my thoughts, my stillness, my solitude, and my soul. I enjoy the company of friends but have never been close to my family of birth nor my family of marriage. Some see me as aloof and I am, but my friends accept that because they love me and appreciate the times we share even if they are few.

I have had and shared the love of many families along this path my life has taken. They take me in under their wings, share food and joy with me, and invite me to be a part of their loving clan. I appreciate their offers of love and sharing because they fill an emptiness in my heart and soul. They nourish a part of me that solitude cannot touch.

My family in Loja and my family in Cuenca are two in which love is the abiding theme of their existence. I see it in their relationships with each other and to their solidarity in the family structure. I experience their warmth each time we meet with a kiss on the cheek and a heartfelt embrace. I feel the love and caring from each of them even when we are not together.

The bond that links me with the many true families I have around the world is not one of blood, but is one of respect, joy, love, and gratitude in the other’s life.

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