The Writings Of Tao Writer – This I Believe I Know

Tao Writer  (April 17, 1948 -)

This I Believe I Know

So, where has my path brought me? What have I learned that I can give? I offer these words.

Strip yourself naked of belief and disbelief. Know that all things are possible at all times.

If you reach this point, the only thing now on your path is you. The only one you have to confront is yourself, your own thoughts, and your own ego. At times it may feel as though the walls are caving in around you and they are. With each collapse your vision is refreshed. You see more clearly. You are letting go of another belief you did not know you even had.

There is no magic time period for all this to happen, if it ever does. This has been my experience, yours will be different, but the sensations, I have no doubt, will be similar.

At this point in my life, I still believe: The perfect exists in everything. Perhaps on my death bed I will find myself free of all beliefs but until then…

In Quantum physics this belief might be referred to as quantum superposition. Death exists in the same perfect state as life. If one lives with this belief, life is not viewed as a struggle as much as an experience because each act of life exists in a perfect state. The most horrific act stands on the same foundation as the greatest act of generosity. It is only our observation/judgement of an act which changes its orientation to good or bad. Scientists discovered this phenomenon in the observation of electrons. Erwin Schrödinger concluded that the cat is neither dead nor alive until observed in his paradoxical thought experiment Schrödinger’s Cat. Our act of observation results in changes to what is observed.

The senses I praised for making us human in the essay  O’ To Be Human also cause us to differentiate. This is the reason we have such a difficult time comprehending oneness, life’s connectedness. Our idea of being connected is mostly associated with the physical existence. We experience via the senses ourselves individually, in separate bodies, and separate even from other life forms. Yet, if viewed from outer space life might be seen as several globs separated by vast oceans with twelve billion legs moving about the earth as massive life forms. Just as the earth would not be seen as a conglomeration of countries but as a sole blue sphere floating in space. The perfect exists in everything when it is accepted and not observed or judged.

This perfect superposition of all possibilities is life’s essence, it is spirit. Spirit is perfect because in spirit there is no differentiation and no separation. It is the state where the one in all is one with all that is. It is the perfect simultaneous balance of all that is and is not.

At least, this is what I believe I know.