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One of the activities I engage in everyday when possible is a walk along the Tomebamba River near my home in Cuenca, Ecuador. During this walking meditation my mind wonders along with that of the river. I love the sound of water. When the river is high, it blocks out the sounds of the city and my mind transcends to other worlds while my feet remain firmly in contact with the cobblestoned path. This path for a little while becomes a Yellow Brick Road into my own thoughts and life.

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

Tell me what it is you plan to do with (what remains of) your one wild and precious life.”

These words of Mary Oliver’s are echoing in my thoughts this morning. Since retirement, I have not had a plan for my life. I still don’t. I did most of my traveling while I was young enough to do so under my own power either backpacking or bicycling. Traveling now is no longer the joy for me it once was. I have said my goodbyes to those who matter and most of all  I am very content with my life as it unfolds. Each day I do the things I love. I read, I write, I think, I dream and I take walks along the Rio Tomebamba. This is the life I create for myself. There are no decisions to be made other than do I go right or left at the crossroads.

Random thoughts while I walk to The Roll of the Tomebamba.

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