The Writings Of Tao Writer – CrossRoads

Tao Writer  (April 17, 1948 -)


I am here and once again find myself at this cross of roads. They appear in my life, I think randomly, but I am not sure. I do not know how many times I have come to this place. This place, where the road I am traveling intersects another road and becomes a crossroads. This place is very real, although you will not locate it on any map. There are no signs, or nearby towns. There are no landmarks to aid you in the identification of where you are or where you are going. Still, I seem to come here often, to this same place. This is where I decide my life and you yours. This is the point in poker where you fold, hold or play.

A crossroads is an invitation. Life is providing you with the opportunity to do whatever it is you dream of doing or becoming. When coming to a crossroads you are confronted with five possible options. If where you are is a place you thrive, grow, live and love your life, you might choose to hang out there for a breather or forever, you do not know, but hopefully, the choice is yours. It is after all, your life. A crossroads may entice you to dream or to question the state of your own contentment. It begs you to get out of a rut, if you are in one, and to challenge yourself to live the adventure of being alive. You don’t have to accept this invitation. You first option is to remain where you are, but you must make that a conscious decision. Remember, crossroads appear for a reason.

“You either shit or get off the pot,” my mother used to say. You can’t stick around this junction for very long without making a decision or your indecision will decide your fate without any advance warning. Indecision will suck you down like quicksand and you will join the others whose indecision became their decision to remain stuck in the purgatory of the crossroads. You will learn to conform and to do as your are told. All choice will eventually be taken away. You will not have to make another decision because none will be offered. You will not see another crossroads for a long time, if ever. It is not a bad life, I suppose. It’s just not the life I have chosen for myself.

Each time I am presented with the same five options. I can go forward, left or right, stay where I am, or not make a conscious decision and remain in the cross road’s purgatory. Turning around and going back in the direction from which I came is an option too, but do not think things will be the same as when you left. You only get to travel each road once and only in one direction, although that direction is not the same for everyone. A simple coin toss cannot resolve the dilemma. Rock, paper, scissors gets too complicated with five possibilities. The roads are empty for as far as the eye can see. Each will only start creating itself with your first step, with your conscious decision to remain in place, or with your indecision. Indecision is what swallows up the masses. The majority freeze when they come to a crossroads.

The key to my personal freedom is the direct alignment of my heart with whatever is directly in front of me. I believe this is the meaning of a heart connection and the phrase “Follow your heart.” When that connection is there, I trust, and take that important first step. The choice of direction is not important because the creation of possibilities starts only with that first step. Until it is taken, only the place you are standing exists. If there is not a heartfelt connection with the taking of that next step, your conscious decision might be to remain in place for a while. Maybe another cross road will appear at some other time, and maybe it won’t. This knowledge must be factored into any decision you make. But make one! Shit! Or get off the pot.

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