The Writings Of Tao Writer – Street Art

One of the activities I engage in everyday when possible is a walk along the Tomebamba River near my home in Cuenca, Ecuador. During this walking meditation my mind wonders along with that of the river. I love the sound of water. When the river is high, it blocks out the sounds of the city and my mind transcends to other worlds while my feet remain firmly in contact with the cobblestoned path. This path for a little while becomes a Yellow Brick Road into my own thoughts and life.

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

Street Art Along The Rio Tomebamba

Cuenca has many wonderful street artists. Their art is bold, colorful, usually bright, and always full of Life. Many business on the Rio Tomebamba hire street artists to paint murals on their buildings. Most of the artists use brushes and some create their wonders using cans of spray paint. I love to see new works adorning the walls and buildings along the river, and I feel a degree of sadness when I see their artwork defaced by those who simply believe their purpose is to deface the creativity of others. 

I think there should be an unwritten agreement among all creative individuals to respect and not deface or demean the creativity of another. We can all be each other’s supporters and not critics and destroyers.


Random thoughts while I walk to The Roll of the Tomebamba.