The Writings Of Tao Writer – Parque Paradiso

One of the activities I engage in everyday when possible is a walk along the Tomebamba River near my home in Cuenca, Ecuador. During this walking meditation my mind wonders along with that of the river. I love the sound of water. When the river is high, it blocks out the sounds of the city and my mind transcends to other worlds while my feet remain firmly in contact with the cobblestoned path. This path for a little while becomes a Yellow Brick Road into my own thoughts and life.

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948-)

Parque Paradiso – A Photographic Journey

Just by turning right when exiting the front door of my new flat rather than my usual left, I found a whole new world along the Rio Tomebamba. A bit beyond the part of Cuenca where the Iron workers lived and established their guild is Parque Paradiso, a beautiful span of green and waters.


Iglesia de El Vergel is the first landmark I see strolling the walkway.


Symbol of the Iron Workers’ Guild.


The cobble stoned walkway of my previous river walks gives way to a dirt path leading to the park.


Through the cooling groves and soothing smell of eucalyptus trees. 


I remind myself to breathe deeply through here and enjoy the clean scented air.


There is an above ground walkway to protect the habitat of the various frog species leading to the picnic and open areas.




And there is a lake.


Or continue along the path to the meeting of rivers. The Rio Yanuncay on the right feeds into and becomes part of The Rio Tomebamba. A beautiful paradise for all to share.

Random thoughts and experiences while I walk and live to The Roll of the Tomebamba.

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