The Writings Of Tao Writer – Day One

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

Day One

After a flight delay in Nadi, I safely arrived in Savusavu. I love my new home. It was made for me to continue this life. It is a simple design about 300 square feet with a screened in porch that wraps around the front and right side of the house. I am planning to hang my hammock on the side porch rather than under the coconut trees. I don’t want to expire from a falling coconut. Although in a Billy Collins poem his character expires weighing a cloud while in his hammock living the life of Riley, whoever he is. The yard is full of coconut, papaya and breadfruit trees, although the papaya is not ripe yet, the coconuts and breadfruit are. If I could only crack those coconuts.

A brief shower awakened me this morning allowing me the opportunity to dance in the rain before heading across the street to my first baptism in the South Pacific. A double rainbow welcomed me as the local fisher men and women spread their nets across the inlet. I feel as if I am a part of a Hemingway novel. I believe life is meant to be experienced and lived this way.

I don’t have internet yet but my new cousins (landlords) and I are working on it. Don’t forget everything here is on Fiji Time so nothing happens over night. The pace is slow which is perfect with me. The people are welcoming and friendly. If it were not for the internet and tourism I would easily believe I traveled back in time about fifty years.

A pair of young mongoose played in the yard, chasing each other. At least I know there are no cobras around but the wasps are huge! I mean huge! The locals refer to them as pee and they pack a mean bite so I am told. The geckoes chirped me to sleep last night as the almost full moon rose to welcome me. The time difference obviously has an affect as I went to bed shortly after sunset, 6:00 PM. It’s winter here. The days are short but the temperature is still around 80 degrees. So June 21 will be the longest day for you and the shortest for me. Except I’m in Fiji and you’re not. Sorry about that.

The ocean I waded in this morning has now receded. I’m going treasure hunting, soon as I figure out how to open this damn coconut!

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