The Poetry Of Tao Writer – A Speck Of StarDust

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

A Speck Of StarDust

I saw in a dream…

Last night a speck of stardust fell through
my closed eyelid and lodged itself,
unmovable, into my existence.
I woke this morning at a lost for words
to describe the experience of this dream.
What word could explain or extrapolate
this feeling I am? Words would only
diminish this fullness of heart,
this lightness of all spirit.
In my awakening, I am created each moment,
anew. Each breath is my first.
Each touch a new adventure.
Each thing, seen as an object of perfection.
Though my joy is incomprehensible,
These words you may understand.
I see winter and spring existing in the
same snowflake. How else would they be?
Only different by a name.
Everything is a ritual in this ecstasy, my life.
I am anointed wave, after wave,
with a rapture whose epicenter is love.