The Writings Of Tao Writer – What If…?

One of the activities I engage in everyday when possible is a walk along the Tomebamba River near my home in Cuenca, Ecuador. During this walking meditation my mind wonders along with that of the river. I love the sound of water. When the river is high, it blocks out the sounds of the city and my mind transcends to other worlds while my feet remain firmly in contact with the cobblestoned path. This path for a little while becomes a Yellow Brick Road into my own thoughts and life.

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

What If…?

The river is high this morning after a night of rain. Winter appears to be extending its reign as the temperature is still cool for this time of year. “Todo está cambiando,” the locals say. “Everything is changing.”

I am not much of a “What If…” person. I only have two scenarios in my life where I still wonder how things might have developed if I had turned left instead of right or right instead of left. Other than these exceptions, I do not spend time imagining how life might have been different. I am very much content with how it is now. I do, however think the “What If…” scenario is benefficial and even necessary in the flow of the creative process. In the creative processes one must always view the creation from all the possible “What Ifs…”.

“What If…” I change the format, the color, the angle, the material, the plot, the words, the title, etc.. “What If…” becomes a way of mapping and extending the creative process. It leaves a trail of trial and error for me to follow and learn from. Just remember there are no mistakes.

Sometimes asking “What If…” brings me to the edge of what was not thought possible and takes me beyond the realm of what I thought was possible. This morning during my walk along the Tomebamba I am reviewing such an encounter. 

I recently installed a WyzeCam camera in my apartment in Cuenca, Ecuador. I received a notification of a person in the apartment while I was away. The camera is set for person detection but also records motion. I viewed the film below. Then again… then again in slow motion…. then again frame by frame.

My “What If…” went into overdrive.

“What If…” this is a…., or a…., maybe even a….? You see how asking “What If…” opens the imagination to more possibilities. I do not know what that image is, nor where it is from, or how it was created. The only thing I know for sure is the brief film was a bolt of adrenaline to my “What If…” imagination.

Random thoughts and experiences while I walk and live to The Roll of the Rio Tomebamba.