The Writings Of Tao Writer – A Wanderer Going Home

Home…home is so relative. Home can be so many places. Some places feel more home than others but I am a true believer that home can be anywhere you feel warm and secure. Even a person can be home, smell like home. Flavors can taste like home. Even friends sometime make you feel like home. We are citizens of the world and owners of souls craving discovery.

Sofia Valdivieso

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

I am planning another physical relocation to the city of Loja where I lived for two years upon my arrival in Ecuador five years ago. I know. It  has only been eight months since I moved into this flat along the Rio Tomebamba, but a second heart attack and the advice of two physicians to move to a lower altitude prompted my decision to relocate at this time. I plan to be there by the end of the year to start a new decade in an old familiar hometown.

I am not in the habit of returning to places I lived and left. Prior to this upcoming move, San Luis Obispo, California was the only city I lived in, left, and returned to live in again. Over a span of twenty years I left and returned three times. I had roots there, a few solid friends, but most of all it was a place I felt comfortable, “warm and secure.” I could go away. Live in another city, state, or country for however long, then return to SLO as if I never left. Like old friends meeting again after years apart. The established roots would just bloom me anew.

Cuenca has been an adventure for me and in retrospect I know I was here to be present for others, and to induce and learn from the powers of healing for myself. My walks along the Tomebamba taught me that gem. I am grateful for my time in Cuenca, and I know it is now time to leave.

So I am facing another chrysalis, another letting go of place, of the things I purchased for this home, and of the stuff I carry through life that will find no room in my new home. I will live in a hotel again by choice. A small suite with a sitting area and kitchen counter. My world in the nutshell of simplicity. Not as high as my last flat in Loja but with an elevator instead of 88 stairs. The real selling point of the space was the beautiful view of my mountain, my root in Loja, Ecuador. It is enough. It is what I need right now.

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