The Poetry Of Tao Writer – Layers Of Memory

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

Layers Of Memory

You unfold in layers like the sheet, blanket,
and comforter wrapped around me.
You are a memory, alive from not long ago.
Why now do you rise up from your nothingness
to awaken in my mind. This body asleep?
I would have remembered you in
a time more suited to your grandeur.
You, the pinnacle, the reference point,
the northern most star in a constellation of stars,
now come to me in our bed where touch,
sex and love were so selflessly given and received.
You, are verification of my life…
One now besieged by the familiar, the commonplace.
One now left with extraordinary amounts of time
to contemplate you, still only a memory,
in this dream of what might have been.