The Writings Of Tao Writer – All We Need Is Love

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

I believe in love. It is the invisible force which holds humanity together in the same manner gravity holds the universe together. Our love for our fellow man/woman is about to be tested by covid-19. Humanity usually unites when there is a crisis. I remember the citizens of the Unites States taking care of their neighbor’s children, pets and plants when many didn’t return home from work on September 11th. There was a human connection, a pouring out of love and a overwhelming display of our humanity. 

So far, since the worldwide outbreak of covid-19, there has been a display of racism against anyone who looks Asian and an unprecedented hoarding of supplies and food. (Toilet paper?) 

I am a trained First Responder and I even cringed a bit when someone recently sneezed behind me. The enemy before us is also invisible. When we cannot see the enemy, we rely upon leaders for direction and to hold things together. The world lacks real leadership right now.

There is a me first attitude exlimplified best by the President of the United States (Did he really try to buy a German pharmaceutical company?) The world is in crisis and Donald Trump is just playing with his fiddle while everything burns.