The Writings Of Tao Writer – Isolation – Day One

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

As a man who cherishes his solitude, I do not anticipate any problems with the imposed isolation by the government of Ecuador. They asked for all citizens to remain in their homes for the next three weeks, although necessary trips for food and/or banking are exempt. If you need to leave your home, the government asks that you wear a mask, but the few people I saw on the streets this morning did not have them. (A car with an outside audio speaker just drove down the street reminding everyone to remain inside their homes.) All schools are closed and most stores except for the larger markets are also closed.

Unlike in the US and other world cities, there was no panic buying and stockpiling of supplies. Yesterday during one of my daily walks I observed for the first time lines of people outside the banks and larger markets but this was the result of the services limiting the number of customers permitted into the buildings at a time. There also appeared to be no fear expressed by those waiting in line. People in Ecuador are more accustomed to lines than they are elsewhere. It is a daily occurrence for them here.

I have the things I need to conduct my daily life as I did before the imposed quarantine, but today I missed going for my morning walk and the sound of the school children playing in the schoolyard on the next block. I imagine the list of things I miss will grow depending upon how long this social restriction lasts but I will also learn a greater appreciation of those things and events.