The Writings Of Tao Writer – Isolation – Day Four

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

Some of my friends think I write too much about death but that is only because most of them fear death. They don’t want to think or talk about it. I do not fear it. Death is inevitable for every creature given life from single cells to whales. How can one ignore the inevitable. I saw life the night Kathleen died. Death is not the hell and brimstone some make it out to be. In the moment of my deepest pain and sorrow, I was surrounded by everything that is beautiful. 

Death is merely a return to the energy and stardust we are before we took the finite form of the body. It is a return to the infinite part of our being. That doesn’t mean I want to die. Believe me I will squeeze every drop of life from this existence I can, but I am not afraid. I want to die the way I live, full sail to the wind. 

I do know I don’t want to suffer in my death if possible. During the last conversation I had with my mom I realized, although she would never ask, she wanted me to come home. Because of a pinched sciatica nerve, I could bearly move let alone spend sixteen hours on two planes but two weeks later as soon as I was able to walk again I went to her bedside.

No matter had hard we might want to or try, we cannot alter the path of death. Sometimes we can delay it, but the truth is all we can do is make the dying as comfortable as possible in order to ease their transition.

Each day as the number of deaths from covid-19 mount, I say a silent prayer for those who passed and hope someone was there at their bedside to ease their transition.