The Writings Of Tao Writer – Who Is Leading The United States?

Infighting, turf wars and a president more concerned with the stock market and media coverage than policy have defined the Trump White House. They have also defined how it has handled a pandemic.

NYT March 16, 2020

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

I was living in New Jersey during Donald Trump’s Atlantic City fiasco. He has claimed bankruptcy for his corporations six times and still calls himself a financial genius. He manipulated the government and tax payers into paying for his business incompetence and financial losses. This is the same man who now puts Wall Street profits before the health and loss of life of citizens. His is not a leader. Rather he is a grandiose, lying, idiot incapable of providing the leadership the United States needs. 

His failure to lead the country during this current Covid-19 crisis is shameful and despicable. He uses racist language and then tells his followers not to act in a racist manner. He blames China and everyone else but he takes takes no responsibility for his failure to act quickly. His outburst with reporters who question his choices and decisions is a blight upon the freedoms of the press and the citizens of the country who have a right to the truth albeit’s non-existence in this administration. Donald Trump’s recent quest to end the Covid-19 isolation of citizens designed to slow the spread of the virus on Easter Sunday is another example of his arrogance and totalitarian dreams. He wants to be seen as a god bringing the country from death to resurrection. He and those who embolden him will instead be remembered as the satanic ding-a-lings who lead the United States on a downward spiral into hell.

Donald Trump’s own lying words will bury him.