The Writings Of Tao Writer – A Dialogue On God Part II

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

A Dialogue On God Part II

What do you believe God is?

God is a concept not a being. God is the black face of the universe, the stars, the planets, the solar systems, the dragonfly, the elephant, the mouse, the spider, the man and the woman but these are only the life forms we know exist. There are obviously countless others in this ever expanding universe. You don’t ‘see’ God, you feel God inside yourself and in everything you do: good or bad, there is no judgement. The universe(s) is God. You are made up of the same elements as the stars. Your molecules are star dust. You are God. God is not out there somewhere watching you. He is inside expressing life through you. Each differently. Each connected. My concept of God is similar to what Teilhard de Chardin referred to as the ‘Omega Point’, the supreme point of complexity and consciousness which is the actual source point of the expanding universe.

What is the role of religion in connection with God?

Once again, religion is man’s creation, not God’s. Religion is the mythology which man created to explain the events of life. The daily array of happenings which he could not explain. This initially pure form of story telling became bogged down with rules and dogmas as civilizations grew. As empires  moved beyond the walls of the cities, the rulers needed eyes and fear to control their citizens. An all knowing, all seeing God became the instrument of the rulers and punishment for disobeying God’s law was eternal damnation. A benevolent God became a fearful God. Since the dawn of time Gods have existed in all matter of forms but none deserve or demand our obedience. Man is the expression, the manifestation of life. The Catholic church passed an edict declaring only Jesus could call himself the son of God and that no man hereafter can say he is the son of God. How ridiculous, how controlling of the the church to pass such an edict. The church wants mankind to praise and fear a God who exists only to empower the church and its doctrines, not humanity.

If the Christian God does not exist, how do you account for love?

Love is an absolute. It is an integral part of the energy that creates life. All that is, is intrinsic in the source energy.

Do you believe intrinsics like beauty/ugliness, good/evil are also created by this energy source?

The energy source is only responsible for the creation of life as a manifestation of its own existence, if you can believe or imagine energy as a form of existence. If you look at the universe, it is still expanding. Scientists are attempting to find its center with the Hubble telescope but energy has no center. It flows as particle and wave, always in motion, has always been and will always be. It was not created. It exists. The concept of duality does not exist in energy. Intrinsics like beauty/ugliness, good/evil, right/wrong are human definitions of an individual experience. Going into battle each side believes it is in the right beyond a doubt. A tree struck by lightening does not envision the act as a calamity but under the same circumstances, a human might ask, “Why me?”

Do you believe Heaven and Hell exist?

Yes, but not in a physical sense. There is no energy called ‘Heaven’ with angels and eternal happiness nor is there an energy called ‘Hell’ with fire, devils and eternal damnation. These are the images of mythology and misguided religious beliefs. They both are right here, as Jesus stated. They exist in our consciousness.