The Writings Of Tao Writer – Beliefs: Part II

Tao Writer  (April 17, 1948 -)

Beliefs: Part II

Every act is a statement of your beliefs. What you believe is so ingrained with the consciousness and with the body that you and its reflection are one. A man cannot be separated from his beliefs any more than he can be separated from his soul. A change of belief can occur when a belief no longer serves the individual and a conscious choice is made to let the belief go. Those individuals who took the lives of innocent people last week in Paris were called terrorists in the news media, but to their supporters they were the oppressors of the infidels. They were heroes. In his day, Jesus was considered a religious fanatic and the Minutemen who fought against the British in US history were considered terrorist by their enemies and freedom fighters by their supporters. “One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist.”

We have been fighting the wars of fanatical religious beliefs since man first created a belief in invisible gods and set about to gain followers. The Crusades are still happening. Nations have beliefs also and expect their citizens to maintain those beliefs. The state of Israel is a perfect example. They call the Palestinians terrorists to justify their insane aggression against mostly innocent women and children. The state has also banned any demonstrations by their own citizens in protest to the state’s aggressive policies. Prior to the US invasion of Iraq, there were world wide protest. GW Bush made a public statement that US policy was not determined by world opinion. He invaded a country based upon the false belief they had and were planning to use WMD. More so, he convinced the world that a lie was true. I lost all respect for Collin Powell the day he appeared at the UN to spread a lie onto the world. A belief in the form of a lie was justification for one nation to destroy another through military might.

If there is a need to convince others of your belief, then that belief is in doubt. A belief needs no other support than for one person to believe it. If others adopt someone’s belief as their own, that is a choice, but to punish, kill, or destroy those who believe differently shows the inherent weakness of that belief and of our society. It’s the religious crusades being acted out on a daily bases. It is the battle of my god is better than your god all over again.

Unfortunately it is a war without end, and as always in such wars, the innocent suffer the greatest loss.

To Be Continued…