The Philosopher – 16 The Vortex

Book One of The Philosopher Series is also available in continuous scroll Here

Most of the far side of the sun is dark like the darkness on the new moon. There is only a glowing outline where there was once a bright burning sphere. Upashna had heard stories in her youth of this event happening before but had never imagined the possibility in her own lifetime. She steered closer to the darkness for a better look. She could see the new moon directly overhead and a little further away was the Other Realm, a large habitable astroid in orbit directly opposite the earth. It is dependent upon the sun for its warm light filled seas and skies as is the earth. The vegetation is undisturbed except by the natural elements of nature. The only structures are six connected building which houses the Council of Wizards, the Wizard’s University and the Library. Within the courtyard of the massive structure are housing for the wizards and their apprentices, the medical center and laboratories where the wizards perfect their healing and medical practices.

Upashna is still in awe as she observes the darkness and for a moment loses sight of her direction as she watches the blue sky of the Other Wind being drawn like a funnel into the sun. On the dark surface she can see a huge crater which she does not remember being there before. The Other Wind seems to be disappearing into the crater along with Upashna and The Philosopher.

“Upashna,” The Philosopher calls. “We must escape the pull of the sun on the Other Wind.”

At the same moment The Philosopher spoke, Upashna realized they were stuck in the gravitation pull of the crater, moving closer and closer to the sun’s dark surface. She lifted her huge wings and brought them downward again and again trying to free them from the gravitational pull. She told The Philosopher to hold on as she twists sideways to lessen the exposed surface area of her body. This too was of no avail. 

“Upashna,” called The Philosopher. “We are running out of time. You must trust me. Rather than trying to pull away, fly parallel to the surface and when we reach the outer rim of the vortex, fly straight up with all your might.” Upashna did not believe this was a good strategy but she and The Philosopher had learned to trust each other so she did as he instructed. 

Upashna straightened her body and extended her large wings as far as she could. They started to drop faster but eventually the gravitational pull of the crater lessoned as they approached the rim of the vortex.

“Now Upashna. Now!” The Philosopher screamed.

Upashna pointed her head toward the Other Realm. She exhaled a huge breath and pulled upon her wings with every ounce of energy her body contained. Again. Then on the third time she and The Philosopher escaped the the vortex and once more were gliding in the Other Wind headed for home and the Other Realm.

“Philosopher. How did you know… ?”

“I do not know how I know what I know. I am only happy it worked. Thank you Upsahna for your trust.”

“Thank you Philosopher for saving our lives,” replies Upashna.

They are now back in the currents of the Other Wind and The Philosopher is better able to see the Other Realm. He had no expectations or dreams of what the Other Realm would be like but he would have follower Upashna to the ends of any realm. He has found his heart’s desire. He was concerned with meeting her parents, both of whom are wizards, and Elza, Upashna’s mother, is head of the Council of Wizards.

“Do not worry Philosopher. My parents will love you because I love you and they will see how happy I am with you. Not to mention you saved our lives with you intelligence and quick thinking.”

“I forgot as a dragon you can hear my thoughts. I was a little worried but not any longer. Thank you Upashna.”

“We will soon land at the Council Center but first I want you to see my beautiful home,” says Upashna. She tilts her right wing and gently glides over the astroid paradise. 

From his perch upon Upashna’s back the Philosopher sees green forests, mountains, rivers and lakes before he beholds the city built into the side of the mountain. The city of wizards, Samadhi.