The Poetry Of Tao Writer – Indigo Blues

Confidence in daybreak modifies dusk.

Emily Elizabeth Dickinson

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

Indigo Blues

It is that deep dark indigo kinda of blues

The kind you will most likely get through
if you just keep on digging
Easier than trying to climb out
of the hole you are already in
In the indigo blues every one is the same
Like a room full on junkies waiting for a fix
You just keep on waiting and digging,
waiting and digging
Turning bluer and bluer until you get to indigo blue
Unlike the darkest midnight waiting
to be rescued by the dawn
there is no dawn in the indigo blues
You wake up blue, you go to bed blue
You live, eat, have sex if you can
everything is blue in the blue indigo blues
You climb over all the others down there with you
just bodies, no names, no titles, no street addresses
You’re in the indigo blues land
There is no door with a sign that says “Exit”
No instructions saying “This Way In An Emergency”
You just have to keep on digging
and fighting, and breathing to stay alive
in the deeper darker blues of the indigo blues
and you pray to find someday beneath your feet
an indigo blue sky full of stars, if you ever escape
and you swear to an invisible god that whatever it was
that put you here, you will never, never do again.

Indigo Blues Small

Artwork: Blueprint of a Dream by Jaundré van Breda