The Philosopher – 21 The Philosopher Receives His True Name

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Upashna immediately leaves her chambers to visit The Philosopher. Although she had a feeling something was afoot when she studied The Philosopher’s staff and again when Extor mentioned The Philosopher having his father’s eyes she had never imagined the man she loves to be a wizard.

After The Philosopher finished sweeping up the broken wine glass. He dressed in the white robe provided for him and prepared to meet with Baldwin and the Council of Wizards in less than an hour. His mind was ablaze with rambling thoughts. He at no time second guessed his fathers decision to leave him at birth but he had wondered about the reason. Now Baldwin has provided an answer. He remembered Extor’s last words to him. “You have your father’s eyes,” and quickly went over to the mirror for a more detailed look. He was not a man of vanity and was surprised by his face in the mirror. With his reddish brown skin he seemed more handsome than he remembered being as this was the first time he had seen himself since entering the labyrinth but he did not remember how he looked before. It was his face, with as far as he could tell the same lines of age, but his eyes appeared different. It is as if he is seeing them for the first time. They seem to have a green, golden ring around the iris. He steps back to see himself more fully, but his train of thought is interrupted by a gentle knock on the door.

Upashna did not wait for The Philosopher to answer the door. She rushed into his chambers and into The Philosopher’s arms. “My love. After being your constant companion for the last three days even my chambers across the courtyard are too far away from you. Eno told me of the conversation my father had with you. I suspected something but had no idea of the scope of that expectation. How do you feel about the news. Are you content with the possibility of your being of wizard’s blood?”

“My princess, my Upashna. The only matter certain to me at this moment is my great love for you and my desire for us to share the rest of out lives together. Everything in support of that dream I consider a blessing. I am repeatedly reminded of Extor’s words: ‘Not many of us get to know who or what we are. A glimpse is all we get. Your decision tomorrow will determine the size of your glimpse.’ In my most vivid imagination, I did not come even close to imagining this. The view I had of my life, of the world, of the universe was small. You have enabled me to broaden that view. Because of you my princess the heart which beats in this body in larger in its capacity to love and to take in the world. I can never imagine my life without you.”

“My sweet Philosopher your words send chills down my spine.” With those words the two lovers kiss and feel the arms of Kara surrounding them. They hold each other as closely as two bodies can share a single space. The steeple bells chime four o’clock. 

“Upashna. What happens if I do not have wizard’s blood?”

“Nothing in this or any universe can change how I feel toward you and about us. Even before I learned you might be Ged’s son, I asked mother to intercede with the Council of Wizards on our behalf. We will be together no matter what. I promise my Philosopher, my true love. We must go. The Council is meeting and we should be there. Upashna slowly backs away and as the sunlight captures her in its rays of colors and light coming through the window, The Philosopher is more certain than ever of his love for this beautiful woman.”

Eno is waiting outside the door to The Philosopher’s chambers and the three of them walk to the meeting hall. Inside the hall, the wizards are all seated and Elza, Baldwin and Mars are seated in front of the congregation. When Baldwin sees Upashna and The Philosopher both adorned in white robes and looking like royalty from some far land, he stands and announces the entrance of Upashna, Princess of EarthSea. All the wizards stand to welcome her arrival to the Other Realm. They had watched her grow up but this is her first appearance on the Other Realm in many years. The little girl they knew is now a woman.

Then with the suddenness of a space wind, in a cloud of purple and red vapor the Sorcereress Sophia and her familiar, Miranda, arrive on the stage behind the three council heads. Sophia although not a wizard herself always liked to make an entrance in a fashionable manner to remind the wizards of her equal status. In private the wizards sometimes referred to Sophia as a witch but none would call her that to her face for each knows she could make life very challenging for those not held in her good grace. There was a mutual level of respect between the wizards and the sorcereress and besides she was the one responsible for providing their familiars.

Mars spoke first. “Good afternoon Sophia. Thank you for responding so quickly to my request for your council. There is a man here I would…”

“Thank you Mars. I know why I am here. Good afternoon Elza and Baldwin. Greetings Council of Wizards. Yes, the man with no name known to Upashna as The Philosopher is the bastard son of Ged, the Wizard of EarthSea.” There was a gasp in the council chambers for all the wizards except for Baldwin were celibate and some were not familiar with Ged’s request of the council to approve his marriage to a non-wizard many years ago. “What you wish to know if whether or not he has wizard’s blood.” Sophia was a member of the Council of Wizards but she preferred the solitude on her part of the astroid and only attended council meetings when called upon.

Elza stood and spoke.”Please be seated.” All sat. “Welcome Sister Sophia. You are correct. The Council asked you here to determine if the son of Ged has wizard’s blood. Upashna, please bring your guest forward.” Upashna and The Philosopher were not expecting things to happen so quickly but they stood hand in hand and walked to the front stage. Upashna sat down in the front row and The Philosopher approached Sophia.”

“You have your father’s eyes,” said Sophia, “but I require a drop of your blood to determine if your are a wizard. And if so are you ready to awaken to and embrace the fullness and wonder of who you are and who you are becoming each and every moment of your life for the rest of your life?”

“Yes. I am Sophia.” The Philosopher holds out his hand. The Sorcereress Sophia removes a needle from her potion bag and pricks The Philosopher’s middle finger, places the drop of blood onto a small flat stone and feeds the blood to Miranda, her familiar. Sophia turns toward Elza.

“Sister Elza. I will return in three days with your answer. Good day council members.” Sophia then turns to pick up Miranda but Miranda is shaking and transforming and within a few seconds a perfect clone except for a green tuff of hair where the third eye would be appears standing next to Miranda. The clone immediately runs to The Philosopher and stands by his side.

The chamber erupts with chatter for no one has ever witnessed such a rapid transfiguration before, even Sophia cannot explain what her eyes just saw. Upashna runs to The Philosopher and holds him as tightly as she can. “My love. My love.”

Elza stands and asks everyone to sit down and remain quiet. The Philosopher, Upashna and his familiar are standing center stage in front of the full Council of Wizards. Upashna leaves The Philosopher and sits down. The chamber becomes silent again and Sophia speaks. “Yes, the man before you has wizard’s blood. He is an extremely powerful wizard and must receive his true name in order for these powers to manifest.” Sophia reaches into her potion bag and pulls out a rune. She places the rune in a burning candle and as the rune begins to smoke she announces The Philosopher’s true name. “You are Tao Sparrowhawk, Philosopher-Wizard of Havnor.”

In unison, the council speaks his true name three times. “Tao Sparrowhawk, Philosopher-Wizard of Havnor. Tao Sparrowhawk, Philosopher-Wizard of Havnor. Tao Sparrowhawk,  Philosopher-Wizard of Havnor.”

“Wait!” Sophia calls out as another plum of smoke flows out from the rune. “I have not seen this in over a hundred years. You are a Dragon Lord.”