The Philosopher – 22 Tao Sparrowhawk, Philosopher-Wizard of Havnor, Dragon Lord

Book One of The Philosopher Series is also available in continuous scroll Here

Many generations ago dragons and humans lived together peacefully in the world until man became greedy and demanded more land and resources from the dragons. The dragons had no use for the land and its resources and asked only for a small parcel of land to raise their young and to call home. They travelled on the other winds to many far off lands and planets.  The human were jealous of the dragons and envious of the vast resources in their homeland and attacked the dragons. The dragons easily defeated the advancement of the humans because a dragon can only be killed by a wizard, another dragon or a fireball from the sun but the human act created animosity between the two groups. As the dragon lord, Ged Sparrowhawk reestablished the peace between the human and dragon worlds almost a century ago. Now his title and the responsibility of the position has fallen upon is son Tao.

All the wizards except for Baldwin were surprised by the announcement from Sophia. He saw great things in this man long before he sent the tome to his home in South Port. Upashna also saw his greatness but took her vision to be out of love for the man to whom she had given her heart. The other wizards now called out his new name three times. “Tao Sparrowhawk, Philosopher-Wizard of Havnor, Dragon Lord. Tao Sparrowhawk, Philosopher-Wizard of Havnor, Dragon Lord. Tao Sparrowhawk, Philosopher-Wizard of Havnor, Dragon Lord. Salud. Salud. Salud.”

The Sorcereress Sophia turns her attention to the clone offspring of her familiar Miranda who has not moved from Tao’s side. She is identical to Miranda except for the green spot in the area of the third eye. All the other familiars produced by Miranda have a white spot there. She also notices faint green and gold highlights in her solid black fur. Then Tao addresses the Socereress Sophia directly. “Sophia, will I be able to transform into a dragon like Upashna?”

“No Tao. Your are a Dragon Lord and will be able to communicate with all dragons in their Old Speech language. You will serve as the ambassador between dragons and man in maintaining peace in the realm but you do not have dragon blood and therefore will not be able to transform.” Tao was visually disappointed and at the same time greatly honored by his status as a wizard and Dragon Lord. 

“I am to follow in the footsteps of my father.” He says quietly to himself. He looks over at Upashna who is beaming with joy and love.

The Sorcereress Sophia speaks again. “We must now conclude the ritual with the naming of your familiar Tao. Have you thought of a name.” Tao had not considered a name because everything has happened so quickly. His familiar is female and someone with whom he will share the remainder of his earthly days, his thoughts and conversations. Only one name came to mind. He would honor the name of the woman who raised him, educated him and loved him beyond all else. His maternal grandmother Simone.

“Yes, he answered. “I wish to name my familiar Simone.” Baldwin smiles for he knows the name of Tao’s grandmother and nods his respect to Tao.

“Then the familiar of Tao Sparrowhawk, Philosopher-Wizard of Havnor, Dragon Lord is this day given as Simone.”

“Simone.” The assembly calls in unison.

The Sorcereress Sophia continues. “Simone is the first offspring of Miranda’s to have a green spot. I believe this difference is very significant to the question you asked concerning your not being able to transform into a dragon young Sparrowhawk. There is no need for you to transform. Please Tao strike your staff three times against the ground, but first move a few meters to Simone’s left,” Sophia requests. Tao does as instructed and moves away. Simone remains steadfast on the same spot. Tao strikes his staff three times against the ground. Simone bursts into the flames of transformation. 

Simone is a dragon. A beautiful golden green dragon with a strong scaled body and wings, stout hind legs and the goatee of ancient dragons. “You must establish the bond of blood now with Simone your dragon as you did with the giving your blood to Miranda to produce Simone your familiar.” The Sorcereress Sophia retrieves the needle from her potion bag and again punctures Tao’s middle finger. Tao slowly walks toward Simone and extends his hand. She licks the blood from Tao’s finger and lowers her left wing for him to mount her.

Tao glances over to Baldwin, Elza and Mars. They nod their approval. He slowly mounts Simone. She bucks. “Talk to her Tao. She needs to link with your voice telepathically,” calls Sophia.

“Okay Simone. This is a new venture for both of us. Just relax and we will get through this together. I am Tao, your wizard. I named you Simone after my maternal grandmother who cared for me from birth. I do not know what adventures lie ahead for us but we are a team and together we will discover and face our destiny. Are you ready to fly?” Simone nods her head, spreads her wings and kicks off from the stage of the assembly hall. Baldwin points his staff at the huge doors at the end of the Great Hall and they magically open. Tao looks for Upashna who has already started her transformation. She joins Tao and Simone and the three of them fly out of the Great Hall and into the evening sky.

The Sorcereress Sophia addresses the heads of the Council of Wizards. “Sister Elza, Baldwin and Mars. The events you witnessed here today are the beginning of a new era for all wizards and humans. My work for now is finished. With your permission I shall return home.”

“Thank you for your time and gifts Sister Sophia. You are free to return home.” Elza says while Baldwin and Mars nod approval. Sophia picks up Miranda and the two disappear into a cloud of red and purple smoke which flies out the large wooden doors of the Great Hall and up into the sky to fly along side of Upashna, Simone and the wizard Tao. Sophia addresses Upashna first telepathically. 

“Daughter. Welcome back home. Love this man for I know he loves you. Protect and care for him as he will protect and care for you. Your future together is written in the stars. I am here should you ever need me.”

“Thank you Sophia. I love you as I love my mother.” Upashna answers.

Then Sophia telepathically addresses Tao. “Tao. You are a wizard of great power. And with great power comes great responsibility. Use your power for the good of all life to maintain balance in the forces of nature. Your father was a close advisor and trusted friend to me. I ask your permission to address you as ‘Son.?’”

“I am honored and pleased you feel such kinship with me Sophia. You may refer to me and address me as your son.” Tao answers.

Sophia adds, “Simone comes from excellent stock. She will serve you well in all of her capacities. Takes good care of her and especially good care of Upashna. She loves you Tao.” The red and purple smoke streams ahead and disappears into the eastern sky. “Farewell my children.” Sophia calls out from the ethos.