The Philosopher – 26 The Assembly

Book One of The Philosopher Series is also available in continuous scroll Here

While washing his face, Tao telepathically communicates with Simone. “Where did you get the ring.”

“I do not know sire. It appeared when you asked Upashna to be your wife. I received the transmission of its story from the ring itself and passed it to you. I did not have the ring this morning when I woke.”

“What is even stranger is last night or rather this morning I had a dream of my father. He told me as Dragon Lord to put out a call and at least two more dragons will appear to assist.”

“Sire,” replies Simone. “I know of one. Because I am a clone of Miranda, the Sorceress Sophia’s familiar, I know Sophia is a dragon, but this information has just become known to me. It was previously hidden. Perhaps the knowledge was triggered by your need. All dragons swore an oath to your father when he restored peace between man and dragons to respond to his call. The dragons left the Other Realm so they would not be called to reignite the sun again for mankind rather than disregard a call from the Dragon Lord. A dragon cannot refuse the request to appear when summoned by a Dragon Lord.”

“Sophia is a dragon?”

“Yes sire.”

“Does anyone else on the Council of Wizards know Sophia is a dragon?” Tao asks.

“I do not believe so sire. This information was deeply hidden.”

“Thank you for your help Simone. You are a very well informed familiar. Are you ready for the fireworks today?”

“Yes sire. I am here to serve you. I am ready. Did you wish to perform the Bond of Common Knowledge before we leave?”

“Thank you Simone. I did not forget. I will perform the Bond of Common Knowledge when the other two dragons arrive.”

“As you wish sire. Are you sure there will be two?”

Just then Upashna enters. “What are you two doing? I have tea and bread waiting and milk for you Simone. We still have a little time before we have to meet with the council.” Upashna holds up her hand in front of Tao. The brilliance of the crystal ring temporarily blinds him. “This my love is the most beautiful gift I have ever received. I have been looking at it all morning. It holds so many stories. We will read them together when we return.”

“Upashna. Today could be very dangerous. I wish you would reconsider.”

“Would you reconsider if I were Dragon Lord and asked you not to go?”

“No my princess. I would not. I understand. Please at all times follow my lead and stay close.”

“I will my love. I promise. Now let’s eat. I am hungry. You can not ignite the sun with an empty stomach.”

“Okay but first I have to make a summons to all dragons on the astroid.” Tao grabs his staff. Knocks it once upon the stone flood and enters a brief but deep meditation.

The scientists, Mars, Baldwin and Elza are outside in the courtyard making final calculations for the mission to relight the sun. True to Ged’s words, the scientists are advising a quick, direct approach to the cord. Baldwin suggests a more staggered approach from the sun’s core circumference but is quickly overruled. Elza speaks, “I want them in and out as quickly as possible. There are only two of them. I do not wish to lose either and one is our daughter.”

Mars looks to the eastern sky and everyone else follows his eyes. The red and purple smoke streams of Sorceress Sophia are fast approaching. “Did you summon Sophia, Elza?” Mars asks.

“No I did not. Did you Baldwin.” Asks Elza.

“No. I did not but it must be something important. I have never seen her travel so fast,” but before Baldwin could think another thought the red and purple plume carrying Sophia and her familiar Miranda lands in front of them.

Sophia addresses the council members, “Sister Elza, Baldwin, Mars and council members. I wish you peace.”

Elza steps forward and takes Sophia’s hands into her own. “Welcome my sister. You came with lightening speed. Is all well? Did someone summon you?”

Before Sophia could answer, the attending group sees Tao, Upashna, Eno and Simone coming across the courtyard.

“I did Elza. I put out a call for all dragons to come here in haste speed,” says Tao.

“But Sophia is not a…”

Sophia releases Elza’s hold of her hands and turns toward Tao. She approaches him, bends down upon one knee. ”Dragon Lord. How may I serve you.”

“Sophia is a dragon?” Exclaims Elza in disblief.

To relieve any possible doubt, Sophia moves away from her Dragon Lord, strikes her staff three times upon the earth and transitions into a fiery flame before turning into a beautiful very rare solid white dragon. Everyone except for Tao is shocked and amazed. Sophia then transitions back into the beautiful Sorceress Sophia and approaches Upashna.

“My daughter, I see you added a sparkling crystal to your finger.” In all the excitement no one had noticed the crystal ring on Upashna’s finger. Now no one could remove their eyes from the sparkling gem. “Then it is time.” She reaches into her medicine bag and pulls out an identical ring to the one Upashna wears. “My son, your father instructed me to give this ring to you when the other half made its appearance. He made the two rings from a crystal he found while exploring a mine on the underside of the astroid. She gives the ring to Upashna who places it upon Tao’s finger. 

“My love. May this ring be a symbol of the love I give to you.” Upashna says in a flood of joyful tears. The two have but a moment to kiss before they are surrounded by all those assembled. Elza and Baldwin are ecstatic for Upashna. The scientists cannot believe the brilliance of the two rings. Tao brings Sophia aside. 

“My mother. Is Ged still alive?” Tao asks Sophia.

“I do not know. I can only tell you Morujiana, your father’s familiar who like Simone is a dragon, awakened this morning and is on her way here at this moment.”

“Then there are four dragons,” replies Tao.

Baldwin looks up to give thanks to the Universe for this glorious day. “Look. Another dragon.” Standing out against the blue cloudless sky flew a large black dragon.  

Having flown many times with Morujiana and Ged on excursions around the planets, Sophia knew immediately who the dragon was. “It is Morujiana. The familiar and dragon of Ged Sparrowhawk.

The black dragon lands and drops its left wing. A elderly bearded man climbs down. The Sorceress Sophia who has secretly loved Ged for all the time of their lives together runs to meet him. They embrace for a moment before Baldwin, Elza and Mars finally recognized the man they have not seen for more than seventy years and run to his side. Tao and Upashna remain still, holding hands, just observing, something The Philosopher likes to do.

After he greets his old friends, Ged takes Sophia’s hand and asks her to introduce him to his son and future daughter. They both approach Tao and Upashna. Sophia wonders about the introduction and if she should use their true names, Ged Sparrowhawk, Wizard, Archmage of Earthsea, Dragon Lord this is Tao Sparrowhawk, Philosopher-Wizard of Havnor, Dragon Lord. When they reach Tao and Upashna Sophia simply says, “My son Tao, this is your father Ged. Ged, this is your son Tao and my daughter Upashna.”

Meanwhile Morujiana transitions back into a feline familiar and runs off with Eno and Simone to catch some mice and leave still-warm marsupials on their wizard’s doorsteps.