The Philosopher – 27 Reigniting The Sun

Book One of The Philosopher Series is also available in continuous scroll Here

The father and son embrace for the first time since Ged cut Tao from his dead mother’s womb to give him life. Everyone watched in absolute silence, standing perfectly still. It was as if there was a private transmission of heart, soul, energy and time going on between the two wizards. All of The Philosopher’s questions were answered. All of Ged’s dreams were fulfilled. They made a wizard’s bond to make what had to be done something they would do together. 

“My son.” Ged whispered. “Forgive me.”

“Father.” Tao whispered. “There is nothing to forgive. You did what you had to do in order to fulfill your destiny after your dream of family was destroyed. I understand.”

The two men separated from their embrace. “Father. This is my future bride Upashna, Princess of EarthSea, Dragon Wizard and the woman who holds my heart and love.”

Ged turns to Upashna. He manages to get his aged body down on one knee and takes Upashna’s hand. “My Princess. I am at your service.”

Upashna takes Ged’s hands and gets down on both knees, bows her head and says, “No Archmage. It is I who is at your service. For you have faithfully served the land and citizens of EarthSea for all these years with honor and truth.” Following Princes Upashna’s example, all those in attendance bow down on one knee to honor Ged. The Princess then stands and helps Ged to his feet. Sophia offers her assistance and the two long time friends embrace.”

Sophia whispers to Ged. “My friend, my confidant, my love. It has been so many years but I never gave up the hope of seeing you once again.”

“It has been this dream of seeing you my friend, my confidant, my love and meeting my son which kept me alive in the mine on the underside of the astroid in suspended sleep awaiting this day to arrive.” Ged tells Sophia. “I told Tao in his dream to put out a dragon call knowing it would awake Morujiana and she would awaken me to fly her here. My powers as a wizard are few but we fly together again this day, my lifelong friend.”

“I love you Ged. I have from the moment we met in Roke all those years ago.

“I know Sophia.” Ged replies. “The times were different then and we dared not act upon our feelings.”

Baldwin and Elza come over and again embrace Ged, Tao, Upashna and Sophia. Elza addresses them. “As head of the Council of Wizards it is my supreme honor to welcome you here as wizards, friends, dragons, sorceress and family. The earth and the Other Realm are and will be forever grateful for your services today.”

Tao then speaks privately to his father Ged. “Father. Baldwin asked me to lead the dragons to reignite the sun’s core today but I ask you because of your experience to lead us instead. Please accept.”

“Thank you Philosopher. It will be my honor to lead this group, but first I would like for us to make the Bond of Common Knowledge so that each of us knows exactly what the others are doing and thinking. This bond is not to be taken lightly as we will have one common mind between us. Do you understand”

“Yes Archmage.” Tao, Upashna and Sophia reply in unison.

Ged stands as erect as he is able for a man of his age facing west with his staff in his right hand and strikes it twice upon the earth. Sophia faces south, grabs Ged’s staff with her left hand and strikes her staff held in her right hand twice upon the earth. Tao faces east and grabs Sophia’s staff with his left hand and strikes his staff twice upon the ground. Upashna faces north and grabs Tao’s staff with her left hand and strikes her staff twice upon the ground. 

Before Ged grabs Upashna’s staff to complete the bond he waits for Simone, the dragon familiar for Tao, and Morujiana, his own dragon familiar to enter inside the circle. Sophia invites her familiar Miranda and Upashna telepathically invites her familiar Eno to also enter inside the circle. Miranda and Eno will remain behind but it is important for a familiar to be a part of its wizard thoughts and actions. Once the four felines are inside the circle, Ged grabs Upashna’s staff with his left hand. A sudden swirl of wind and electricity  surrounds the group of eight to complete the bond. They become of one mind. All communication between them from this point forward is done telepathically. The swirl of wind and electricity stops.

Ged opens the circle. Morujiana leaves and transforms into Ged’s black dragon. He mounts her via her left wing, stows his staff and waits for the others. Simone leaves the group and transforms into Tao’s golden green dragon. Tao mounts her. Sophia and Upashna each transform into their dragon beings and give last instructions to their familiars. The four fly off in unison.

“Safe travels my daughter, my friends,” Elza calls out before they disappear into the evening sky.

Ged advises the group to enter from two tunnels on the east and west sides of the sun’s core. Relight the core with two dragons flying eastward going clockwise around the core, Tao and Upashna, and two dragons flying westward going counterclockwise around the core, Ged and Sophia. At no time should anyone fly toward the center of the core. He transmits.

Ged tells Tao and Upashna to follow the vortex of the Other Wind. Only this time to permit the gravitation of the vortex to pull them into the sun’s core and not to fight it as they did during their previous encounter with the vortex. He and Sophia will enter on the eastern side where another vortex had developed. They all will all use the gravitational pull of the full moon to help pull them out from the sun’s gravitation during their escape.

“Upashna. You pull up and leave first, on my signal. Tao will follow you. Then Sophia, followed by me.” Ged tells the group. “Remember once the core is reignited, head out as quickly as possible before the sudden temperature disrupts the magnetic core and sends fire balls to the surface.”

Upashna and Tao follow the pull of the vortex and upon reaching the circumference of the core begin their clockwise fight releasing their powerful dragon fire upon the core. Sophia and Ged fly westward at the top of the core’s circumference releasing their fiery dragon breath upon the core as it starts to glow.

“Okay Upashna. Pull up and fly straight out toward the moon.” Upashna obeys and pulls her wings back as rapidly as she can to counteract the sun’s gravitation. “Tao. Make one more sweep on the near side. Then follows Upashna’s  path. Good job my son. I love you my little Philosopher.” Ged and Sophia complete their counterclockwise sweep and he tells Sophia to fly out.

“Okay Ged. I will see you at the exit.” Sophia communicates telepathically.

Ged starts his journey out from the core. The core is reignited and everyone is safe, but Ged and Morujiana are both feeling their years and Morujiana wings are not as strong as they once were. The core’s gravitation starts to pull them back toward the sun. Upashna is out and Tao is close behind when they receive a transmission from Sophia. “Ged and Morujiand are in trouble. I am going back to get Ged.”

Tao seeing Upashna safely outside the exit turns to go back to help Sophia and his father. “Upashna continue home. I will join you soon. Please, my love, do not reenter.”

“Sophia. Tao. Do not come back for me. I have lived my life. I am ready to transition. Let me go. Please. Tao. Think of Upashna. Do not come back for me,” pleads Ged.

“Tao, my son. Go back. I will get your father.” Sophia says.

As the sun’s core heats, the magnetic energy dislodges three large ball of fiery lava toward the dragons. Tao is still heading toward Sophia and his father but remains some distance away. Sophia sees the lava balls and transitions into a red and purple smoke stream permitting her to travel faster than she can as a dragon. Ged sees the lava balls coming fast behind him and spreads out his wings as far as possible to receive them and protect the others. “Sophia. Tao. Upashna. I love you. Now get out as fast as you can.” Ged again pleads.

Sophia’s smoke stream reaches Ged and surrounds him. “I love you.” Sophia says just as the three fire balls hit them and explode.

“Go my son. We are stars.”