The Philosopher – Epilogue

Book One of The Philosopher Series is also available in continuous scroll Here

A month later… It is the Coronation for Upashna, the Princess-Wizard of EarthSea and her wedding day to Tao. The Dragon Lord has invited dragons to return to the Other Realm with the promise to never call upon them again to reignite the sun.

Humankind must begin to take responsibility for their actions as members of the Universe. What humans do today affects the Universe forever. The dragons will no longer rescue humankind when his greed, wasteful use of resources and pollution of the earth’s atmosphere and seas result in the loss of the sun’s energy upon the planets.

Tao, the Philosopher-Wizard, Archmage of EarthSea, Dragon Lord and son of Ged Sparrowhawk wrote in the proclamation after the transitions of his father, Ged Sparrowhawk and The Sorceress Sophia.

It is a glorious day for the young couple. They plan to return to Havnor and the city of South Port with Simone and Eno to live the life of normal citizens in the Philosopher’s home until a time when their services are required again by the Council of Wizards. 

Unbeknownst to them, The Philosopher’s small home in South Port has been expanded to include the attached dwelling next door. It was apparently owned and lived in for many years by a hermit whom no one ever saw. When they enter the building for the first time upon their return, they will find Ged’s staff in the corner by the fireplace. The Palace of EarthSea will be converted into the Library of EarthSea for all the inhabitants of EarthSea to use. 

Elza and Baldwin will return to their small farm in the hidden forest and make journeys into South Port to borrow books from the library, sell their eggs and visit with Upashna and Tao. Mars will be in charge of the council. A new sorceress, Samantha, will assume the responsibility of providing familiars for the new wizards inhabiting the Other Realm. She has chosen to live in Sophia’s chambers on the far side of the astroid where Miranda is buried.

As Upashna and Tao prepare to leave the Other Realm for their honeymoon, one of the scientist approaches the newly wedded couple. “We found them sire,” he says quietly.

Upashna, Tao, Baldwin, Elza, Mars and the other wizards all head to the Observatory. “It took this long for their light to reach us sire,” says the astronomer. “They are far out in space in the same region as Flo and Fi. Their stars were just seen this morning.” Tao looks through the large telescope of the Observatory and recognizes the red and purple star of Sophia and the white star of his father, the heart and head of the constellation.

“They are all in the Constellation S-2531 sire,” says the scientist. Upashna takes her turn and looks thought the telescope. 

“The constellation looks like a bird,” she says. “Ged forms the head. Sophia, the heart. Flo and Fi are the wings. “From this day forward Constellation S-2531 shall be known as “Sparrowhawk.”