Wise Poets – Wyn Cooper – Fun

Wyn Cooper 

It will be strange
Knowing at last it couldn’t go on forever,
The certain voice telling us over and over
That nothing would change,
And remembering too,
Because by then it will all be done with, the way
Things were, and how we had wasted time as though
There was nothing to do,
When, in a flash
The weather turned, and the lofty air became
Unbearably heavy, the wind strikingly dumb
And our cities like ash,
And knowing also,
What we never suspected, that it was something like summer
At its most august except that the nights were warmer
And the clouds seemed to glow,
And even then,
Because we will not have changed much, wondering what
Will become of things, and who will be left to do it
All over again,
And somehow trying,
But still unable, to know just what it was
That went so completely wrong, or why it is
We are dying.’All I want is to have a little
Before I die,’ says the man
next to me
Out of nowhere, apropos of
nothing. He says
His name’s William but I’m
sure he’s Bill
Or Billy, Mac or Buddy; he’s
plain ugly to me,
And I wonder if he’s ever had
fun in his life.

We are drinking beer at noon
on Tuesday,
In a bar that faces a giant car
The good people of the world
are washing their cars
On their lunch hours, hosing
and scrubbing
As best they can in skirts and
They drive their shiny Datsuns
and Buicks
Back to the phone company,
the record store,
The genetic engineering lab,
but not a single one
Appears to be having fun like
Billy and me.

I like a good beer buzz early
in the day,
And Billy likes to peel the
From his bottles of Bud and
shred them on the bar.
Then he lights every match in
an oversized pack,
Letting each one burn down to
his thick fingers
Before blowing and cursing
them out.

A happy couple enters the bar,
dangerously close
To one another, like this is a
But they clean up their act
when we give them
A look. One quick beer and
they’re out,
Down the road and in the next
For all I care, smiling like
We cover sports and politics
and once,
When Billy burns his thumb
and lets out a yelp,
The bartender looks up from
his want-ads.

Otherwise the bar is ours, and
the day and the night
And the car wash too, the
matches and Buds
And the clean and dirty cars,
the sun and the moon
And every motel on this
highway. It’s ours you hear?
And we’ve got plans, so relax
and let us in –
All we want is to have a little