The Writings Of Tao Writer – Lessons From The River

One of the activities I engage in everyday when possible is a walk along the Tomebamba River near my home in Cuenca, Ecuador. During this walking meditation my mind wonders along with that of the river. I love the sound of water. When the river is high, it blocks out the sounds of the city and my mind transcends to other worlds while my feet remain firmly in contact with the cobblestoned path. This path for a little while becomes a Yellow Brick Road into my own thoughts and life.

“Perhaps all anxiety might derive from a fixation on moments – an inability to accept life as ongoing.”

Sarah Manguso


Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

Lessons From The River

1.  Always keep moving or you will dry up or worse become a lake.

2.  Go over when possible. Go around when necessary. Go under only if absolutely required. You do not want to get stuck down there.

3.  Give way to all that enters your flow. Learn from it. Carry it if you choose. Discard it when you must or when its weight becomes too much of a burden.

4.  Cut through rock with time. Nourish life with your blood. Expand when your tide overflows but do as little harm to life as possible.

5.  Give gratitude to the rain. It feeds you.

6.  Make your own bed to flow in. Let no one else decide your path.

7.  Let your dreams take flight.


Random thoughts and experiences while I walk and live to The Roll of the Rio Tomebamba. I will miss my walks along your banks and the conversations we shared. Adiós mi amiga. Gracias.

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