Wise Poets – Virgil Suárez – Bad Sons Anonymous

Virgil Suárez

At this year’s convention
we gather to pay homage
to our fathers, responsible
men who worked hard:

laborers, stone cutters, welders,
carpenters — blue collar all,
men who raged, stormed
their anger through the house,

our mothers couldn’t manage,
swept with brooms the debris
of broken things, in silence
they took it out on us, belts

in hand, we stood there, cried,
long days turned to long nights,
our fathers, mothers, damages
done, we, as their only sons,

remember. We, as bad sons,
pay them back, one mirror held
up to another, an infinity
of their gnarled faces, red-blue-fire

what has become lost in all of us.

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