Wise Poets – Michael Harty – Mantra

Michael Harty

For Leonard Cohen, 1934–2016

A crack in everything, he told us—that’s
how light gets in. And yes, he always knew
that this included him. The sharps and flats
of life—he savored them and suffered through
them, shaped them to an art that calls the name
of every listener. The light that found
his inner world was like a healing flame:
revealing, not destroying, always bound
to show his truth. Lost loves, mistakes, regrets,
despair and fear, but hope as well, and praise,
and generosity, and tenderness—
all deeply shared, with ordinary grace.
A cracked bowl gathers light, a cracked bell rings,
and even facing night, a cracked voice sings.

f3c18 leonard cohen

Leonard Cohen (September 21, 1934 – November 7, 2016)