Wise Poets – Francesca Nemko – On Being 84

Francesca Nemko

Who’d have thought
That reaching 84
Would feel like adolescence?
All pimples and unmanageable hair
Stammering over long words
Being totally irresponsible
And forgetting what time
I’m supposed to be home.

I am NOT aging gracefully
(even though I may appear to be
on the outside)
And, to be honest, I don’t really
Want to grow up!
I did that when I was 30
40, 50, even 60
And 70 began the slow crumble.

And, now at 84, I know for sure
I’ve passed my “use-by date.”
So, back to the beginning I go
Mewling and puking
In my mother’s arms
(thanks Will Shakespeare for that)

See you back in the womb
Floating in the amniotic fluid
All cozy and warm
Please don’t make me come out!

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