Is Time Running Out?

Flooding In Europe

Fish Dying From The Red Tide In Florida

Forest Fires In Oregon

Drought In California

Everywhere People Still Dying From CoVid-19

Because They Can Billionaires Go Into Space

What is going on is going on with this world? The doomsayers should be having a celebration but they are all running for the hills or the Hamptons to hide until this is over. They are getting out of Dodge or leaving the planet, if they have the means to do so. The citizens of this sphere have survived plagues before. We have weathered forest fires, Red Tides, floods and droughts. But all at the same time?

The planet is fighting back trying to save itself from humankind. Trying to compensate for the wasteful destruction patterns of humanity.  I have no doubt the earth will survive but what about life as we know it. Mankind has already destroyed and made extinct more species of plant and animal life than currently exists. Have we gone beyond the halfway marker? The answer is “Yes.” Will humankind be able to make amends and save itself? I personally do not believe so. 

We seem to have started a downward spiral from whose funnel we cannot escape. Yet, there are those who fiddle while the world burns with trips into space and politicians who get too wrapped up in politics to see the fires burning and the rivers drying up. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

It seems to me the ego has replaced compassion and financial greed has overshadowed love for ones fellow human beings and the planet itself. We are to blame for our own destruction. The nations of the world have raped the planet’s resources all in the name of profit. They might disagree and say if was in the name of progress, but for whom? Greed and power are the corner stones of our history and our legacy. Both are crumbling toward collapse.

There is no savior to redeem us this time. Our sins are our own. We pray for a hero to rescue us but no one appears in solid form beyond a few small flickers of hope. The mammals of the sea beach themselves, fish from the debts wash up dead on the shores, birds fall from the sky. The land and seas boil in heat, the icepacks melt, the oceans rise but there is no Ark to protect and carry us to safety. A place of safety no longer exists. We cannot hide from the inevitable. Tag. We’re it.