The Writings Of Señor Tao – A Perfect Morning

Señor Tao (April 17,  1948 -)

I am eating a mango over the kitchen sink. (The best way to eat a mango.) The one I purchased at the farmer’s market from a man with round wise eyes, a reflection I thought, as the juice dripped slowly over my lips, down my chin and onto my long fingers soon to be sucked dry.

There are many facets of a perfect morning. The first is waking up slowly to the rhythm of my own body. So if I wake up to an alarm of any kind, my perfect morning is already at a deficit. I like to let my body decide when it wants to start the day. Not my mind nor any commitment.

I like to walk out unto my balcony, take in the morning air and watch the sunrise reflect upon the clouds, look over the city and know all is well. Then I do the same with my home. I look over my two rooms and tend to those items which may not have been completed before going to sleep last night. Again, all is well.

It is a beautiful day after a few days of rain and dark skies. The sun is already warm as it is Summer in Ecuador. It will be too hot to walk later so I go now. Grabbing my bag, sunglasses, hat and keys, I head out the door, through the lobby, greetings to my friends and onto the street.

The city is still awakening at the slow pace of the Latin culture. Our spirits, this town and mine, on this perfect morning are in sync. I appreciate what life gives to me so freely and abundantly. It is a new year.