Wise Poets – Sophie Jewett – Across the Border

Sophie Jewett (June 3, 1861 – October 11, 1909), aka Ellen Burroughs

I have read somewhere that the birds of fairyland are white as snow.

william-butler-yeats W B Yeats (June 13, 1865 – January 28, 1939)

Where all the trees bear golden flowers,
And all the birds are white;
Where fairy folk in dancing hours
Burn stars for candlelight;

Where every wind and leaf can talk,
But no man understand
Save one whose child-feet chanced to walk
Green paths of fairyland;

I followed two swift silver wings;
I stalked a roving song;
I startled shining, silent things;
I wandered all day long.

But when it seemed the shadowy hours
Whispered of soft-foot night,
I crept home to sweet common flowers,
Brown birds, and candlelight.