The Writings Of Señor Tao – Where Is January?

Señor Tao (April 17, 1948 -)

January came and disappeared so quickly this year, or perhaps it disappears as quickly every year. I just did not notice until this year. January is appropriately named after the two faced Greek god Janus. One of his faces looks to the past, the other to the future. So January represents a beginning and an end. I do not remember much about this past January. I was excited to start this website on the first. I remembered Mom’s birthday and Trump’s Insurrection on the sixth. I do not like the two sharing the same date, but I had no say in either event. I am most likely the only one alive who still remembers my mother’s birthday. My father, mother, their siblings, many of my cousins and my brother have all transitioned… The wrong date was engraved on Mom’s gravestone making her ten days younger, but I know she would be okay with that minor error. No one asked me.

I remember Martin’s birthday on the fifteenth. A big cultural difference with living in another country is the holidays are celebrated around a different set of heroes. No one thinks of Martin L King here in Ecuador, but I do. He took a stand for racial equality in America. A fight which still continues in his name and philosophy today. A battle I am not longer a part of directly. I did my time in the trenches fighting for racial equality. I now do with my pen and spirit what I can no longer do with my presence.

The next thing I know. It is Groundhog’s day. It’s February. The slow pace of my life has returned after the busy holidays, but so soon. I wonder where January went. Just last week it was here. I know it happens every year, but this year it caught me by surprise. Seventy-three Januarys have disappeared in my lifetime. I know from experience another one is approaching in just eleven more months. The earth will complete its elliptical orbit around the sun and another January will arrive to begin another year. Another Happy New Year!