The Writings Of Señor Tao – Human Purpose

When you recognize that we are the product of purposeless, mindless laws of physics playing themselves out on our particles — because we are, all, bags of particles — it changes the way you search for meaning and purpose: You recognize that looking out to the cosmos to find some answer that’s sort of floating out there in the void is just facing the wrong direction. At the end of the day, we have to manufacture our own meaning, our own purpose — we have to manufacture coherence… to make sense of existence. And when you manufacture purpose, that doesn’t make it artificial — that makes it so much more noble than accepting purpose that is thrust upon you from the outer world.

Brian Greene (February 09, 1963 -)

Señor Tao (April 17, 1948 -)

Years ago I watched an episode of The Twilight Zone with Rod Sterling in which the suggestion was made that the earth is a possible breeding ground for humans. In the same manner humans breed cattle, chickens, pigs, etc. for our own consumption, the earth is the farmland of an alien race used to breed humans for their consumption.

I know this is only science fiction from Rod Sterling’s imagination because mankind buries his dead. (The only species known to do so.) A dead decomposing body is of no use as a food source unless the alien race is made up of microbes which feed off decaying bodies. Or perhaps the earth itself breeds humans to replenish its own resources. In the same way an apple tree makes apples, the earth makes people. Who knows?

This came to me today as I started thinking about my contribution to this existence of which I am a part. I contributed a daughter to continue the biological reproduction of life, and she two sons who will continue the reproduction of our species, but what else? My only biological function as a life form is to reproduce. Once that function is satisfied I am no longer biologically useful to the planet or to an alien race. I continue to utilize the resources of the earth but am no longer contributing to its growth biologically. 

In the past some Eskimo nations would place the elderly and those no longer capable of contributing to the wellbeing of the community on an ice float and set them adrift to sea. The villagers would all gather to say good bye and give the elder gifts and food for the journey ahead. It was an happy occasion. The elder was going off to happier hunting grounds. 

It is my desire to contribute in some other manner, if no longer biologically, to this existence I dearly appreciate and love. This site is my current contribution to life. A collection of wisdom, poetry, stories, clouds and love. When the day comes and my contribution is no longer in balance with my use of resources, please be kind. Put me on an ice float with a bottle of good tequila and wave goodbye. I would have fulfilled my purpose by then. I am sure. Whatever it was!

Oh. Don’t forget to include some limes and salt. Thanks