Wise Poets – Meghan Dunn – Response, Years Later, to Two Male Poets I Overheard Discussing How Sick They Were of Women’s Poems about the Body

Meghan Dunn

I too am sick of the body.
I too am sick of being a body,
am sick of being sick about my body,
have made myself sick over how to care for
and clothe it, how to make it behave,
make it need less. Walking in the street,
I have wished it might dissolve
so that I might more clearly see where it ends
and where men’s opinions about it begin.
When I struggled to love it, I tried to feel
nothing instead, to see it as a casing
for what I knew to be beautiful and strong.
I am sick of feeling nothing instead of
beautiful and strong. Today, I watched
my yoga teacher become a scorpion
and I tried my best to become one too.
I have no idea what my body looked like
but I know my belly shook with the effort
and that sweat rolled down my back
in fat pearls and that when I emerged
into the damp city streets, I did not dissolve.