For The Love Of Wisdom – Rebecca Solnit – Guns

Rebecca Solnit (June 24, 1961 -)

Guns symbolize the power of a minority over the majority, and they’ve become the icons of a party that has become a cult seeking minority power… The dots are easy to connect, because they’re so close together, and because they’re the entry and exit wounds inflicted on US society by the subculture whose sacrament is the gun. Texas, while tightening restrictions on abortion, has steadily loosened them on guns. These weapons are symbols of a peculiar version of masculinity made up of unlimited freedom, power, domination, of a soldier identity in which every gunslinger is the commander and anyone is a potential target, in which fear drives belligerence, and the gun owners rights extend so far no one has the right to be safe from him. Right now it’s part of a white-supremacist war cult.

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