The Writings Of Tao Writer – The Arc Of Existence

This is an extraordinary time full of vital, transformative movements that could not be foreseen. It’s also a nightmarish time. Full engagement requires the ability to perceive both.

Rebecca Solnit

Tao Writer (April 17, 1948 -)

From The Archives – A Writer’s DiaryThe Arc Of Existence Originally published April 20, 2020.

I have been reading quite a bit lately about the arc of the CoVid-19 pandemic. Based upon computer models and projections scientists show how many people will possibly die, become infected, loose their employment, end up homeless or recover. Each state and nation has its own projection charts and graphs. Some leaders focus only upon the economic loss. Others focus more clearly upon the loss of life and the human suffering. The world will not be the same. It never is after a catastrophic event, a plague, a war or natural disaster. Our lives will most certainly change.

We have experienced similar events throughout the history of human kind. The Spanish plague, Ebola, Aids, the Black plague, floods, earthquakes, World War I, the war to end all wars, shortly followed by World War II. Life changed as a result of these events.

The earth is still our home and appears to be the only beneficiary of this latest epidemic. World wide pollution levels are down for the first time in decades. It might be too late for the coral reefs to recover but the atmosphere, the air we breathe and are dependent upon for life is improving as a direct result of people staying home and not driving their cars. 

Most of the world’s nations are working together to find a cure or means to slow down the epidemic with the same pin pointed resolve as the Manhattan Project in the 1940’s. One was given the task to develop a weapon of mass destruction to destroy life. The other is given the task to develop a cure for the CoVid-19 virus to save it.

The cost is and will be high with the loss of life. Those who provide for our care and healing are confronted with a difficult task. They may be asked to play the role of a triage god in making life and death decisions. Which life will be the recipient of the limited resources and survive and which life will be denied those same resources and be left to die?

Full engagement requires the ability to perceive both.

The extraordinary and the nightmarish.

All life has value. One life has no greater value than another. The value of a Jewish life is no greater than that of a Palestinian life. The value of a Black life is no less than that of a white life. And yet we know rich nations will receive the vaccines first and poor nations last. History extols the fact that decisions regarding life and death are made everyday on the basis of race and religion, sex and creed. The CoVid-19 virus shows no preferencial treatment based upon these factors but people and nations do and I am afraid, will.

The only thing I know for sure from all the worldwide catastrophes throughout the existence of this orb’s ups and downs, in three simple words: Life goes on.