The Writings Of Señor Tao – As My Body Changes…

When, halting in front of it, I look at the reflection which is in the depths of my clear mirror. It gives me the impression of meeting an unknown old gentle man.

Hitomaro (c. 653–655 – c. 707–710)

Señor Tao (April 17,  1948 -)

I was a bit late reaching puberty. My brother and other friends were all ahead of me in this category but of course he was also three years older. There is such a build up to puberty when you are young. Thirteen was the magic age when my body began to change. I was excited but none of the changes to my body were monumental. Hardened nipples, facial hair, a change in the octave of my voice. 

My dad was not around to school my brother so mom sent him to the family doctor for his “birds and bees” talk. When my turn came around for the “talk,” I was told to ask my brother which ended up being totally useless. My life went on with puberty being just one of many phases.

It was during my mid-sixties when I noticed other bodily changes occurring. I had not read about them anywhere so I will share some of them with you here today. I have no desire to research any of these anomalies for scientific or biblical evidence but I know these changes all happened to me.

Ears are bigger.

I thought my head was too big for my body as a child. My ears stuck out from my head and I had large free hanging lobes. At some point my ears and head reached a balance and each looked suited to the other until my mid sixties. At first I thought my head had gotten smaller but my hat size remained the same. So by way of logic my ears must be getting bigger. It makes since because my hearing started to diminish around the same time. Enlargement of the ear cone would allow more sounds to enter.

Feet are bigger

For all of my early adult life my feet were a size 10.5 but in the last ten years they have grown to a humongous size 12. My arches are also flatter.

Eyes and mouth are smaller

My eyes were large and round until the folds of excess skin started to appear on my upper eye lids. I imagine their weight caused my lids to drop making the orbes of my eyes appear smaller. This is also true for my mouth. I thought I had big lips as a child but now they fit my face perfectly.

Long in the tooth

Sensitive readers may wish to skip this section. It is normal for the gums of ones teeth to recede as one ages but I am using the term “long in the tooth” in reference to a man’s scrotum. Where it was once tight and compact, my scrotum now hangs lower than my penis. It looks like an inflated water balloon stretched to its maximum length from the weight of the water. If I had cats and walked around the house naked as I sometimes do, I am sure they would follow me around trying to play with my balls, thinking they were a new cat toy.

Body and Muscle mass

Okay. I expected to lose some muscle mass with aging. Everyone does. I did not however expect to lose almost all of it. My thighs, once solid and strong from years of cycling now appear soft and flabby. When I slap one side of my thigh I can now follow the rippling affect to the other side of my leg. It looks like a infinity wave going to one side then the other in perpetual motion. I no longer wear short pants when at one time I lived in shorts.

Even with all of these changes to my body as I age. I am still proud of its ability to function on a day by day basis. It has survived two heart attacks and in my opinion is still looking rather good for its seventy- four years.