Wise Poets – Albert Garcia – Offering

Albert Garcia

Here, take this palmful of raspberries
as my gift. It isn’t much
but we’ve often said our needs
are simple, some quiet time
alone on the patio
in the cool morning, coffee,
a few words over the newspaper.
I’ve rinsed these berries
so you can tumble them
right into your cereal, one minute
on the vine, the next in your bowl,
my hand to your mouth.
Let’s say my words were as simply
sweet as these berries, chosen
as carefully, plucked and held,
then delivered as perfect
morsels of meaning. Not
what you hear, which is never
what I mean to say. Will you take
these berries? Will you feel their weight
on your tongue, taste their tang
as they slide into you, small, bright, honest:
the only gift I have to give?

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