Wise Poets – Sandra Cisneros – Making Love After Celibacy

I have the most intense erotic dreams now. I have a sense of taste in my dreams, I have soundtracks, I have original works of art. It’s like the movies but better, ’cause I’m in it. My best dream was that I put a credit card down on a reception desk in a fancy hotel and I said, “I’d like a room with a man,” and they said, “O.K., we’ll send him right up.”

Sandra Cisneros (December 20, 1954 -)

I bled a little,
Like the first time.
There was pain.
Not unlike the first time.
And a winged bliss
Just beyond reach.
Like that first time, too.
More pain than rhapsody.
To be sure.
A female body
Ashamed of itself again.
Not a girl’s modesty
This time.
A woman’s apology for
Erosion and weather.
The body offered
Like an altar
Of xempoaxóchitl marigolds.
A poor woman’s offering
Of maize and water.
An offering all the same.

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